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Young Focus Student Center

Young Focus, the Foundation through which the school is being built, has a great school sponsor program where children are being sponsored to attend school from the age of 6 up until college and university level. However, without a facility like the Student Center, the program would not have been effective.

A lot has to do with the children’s background – not only poor financial resources but also the lack of extra help and support from parents, schools and certain educational facilities essential for educating youngsters from deprived areas.

A few years ago Young Focus provided that extra help and support by setting up a Student Center where the pupils can make use of extra education, workshops, seminars, remedial teaching in English, learning life skills and usage of computers. Besides these extra services, all levels of  education have a Student Coordinator who coaches, supports and helps the children during their school careers. They work hand in hand with their parents - who themselves often lack a full education and are therefore in need of information regarding the importance of attending school. All this effort is aimed at making sure that kids do NOT drop out of school before they find employment.

The Student Center set up in 2008 is a rented building quite far from where the children live, as finding good and affordable property in this overcrowded area of Manila is difficult. Recently Young Focus was able to buy a 150 m2 lot only 5 minutes walk from where most children live and right now they are in the process of constructing a new 3 floor Student Center with a roof deck. Somewhere in 2011 the construction will be completed. The Student Center is probably the most vital element in the educational support of some 400 sponsored Young Focus children…

The hospital will buy tools to do operations with, that they need in the very first operation room the hospital is building. The school will buy school attributes with it: books, writing material, a few computers. But also stuff they need in the school: curtains, airconditioning and such.