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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
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The Foundation

Young Focus was set up by Paul van Wijgerden and his wife. I met Paul through a work colleague who had been out in the Philipines for a year helping Young Focus. When I visited Paul at home I was immediately sold. I could see that he was truly passionate about helping these kids whom he first saw during a holiday which changed his life forever…

Young Focus provides children with the opportunity to do this by sponsoring their education. From elementary school right up to finding a job, they want to do everything possible to help them discover and develop their talents. The goal is to provide ample opportunity for these children to develop mentally, socially, spiritually, intellectually and become healthy adults, without the scars of child labour.

Children are therefore sponsored through elementary school (6 years), high school (4 years) and college, university or vocational training (2 to 4 years depending on the academic level). Their families often have to cope with many social and financial problems. By supporting both the children and their parents during the school years, Young Focus helps increase their chances of breaking free from the vicious the cycle of poverty.

What does Young Focus do specifically?

Sponsoring and coaching of individual children people from disadvantaged areas, consisting of:

  1. Financial support to cover school expenses
  2. Use of the Student Center
  3. Individual (educational) coaching, social and medical assistance
  4. Extra education, training and workshops
  5. Stimulating entrepreneurship

Read more on the Young Focus website.