• Current location: Manila, going to Delhi Monday 11 June
  • 2644 days on the road
  • 23 countries visited
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I bike it, you bank it!

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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
  • 65.000 euro
  • 59.555 euro raised
  • 16.150 euro cycled


The Foundation

Noble House is a foundation set up by Engely Tersteeg, an inspiring woman I met during my search for projects to support with my bicycle trip. When Engely visited Nepal back in 1994, she simply found the various situations she witnessed unacceptable, so she decided to do something about it!

I have not met many people who are so engaged as her.  Through the years she has grown to understand that providing the ‘material things’ in life can do as much harm as good.  So now she starts at the very beginning through her foundation Noble House that helps kids by education so that they are empowered to provide for themselves in the future! In 2005 she began with a shelter for Nepali children (The Noble House), where a total of 24 children now live.  Often these kids don’t have any parents and live in terrible conditions. For them the Noble House is a safe haven where they can sleep without fear or danger, and have the opportunity to receive an education!

Besides this, Noble House is involved in a number of other worthy projects in Nepal:  they support a day-care facility for kids with Down syndrome whom are otherwise entirely discarded from society, they provide urgent medical attention for children and of course they support the same hospital I’m also supporting which I will visit when cycling through Nepal!

Read more on Noble House via: Noble House.