• Current location: Manila, going to Delhi Monday 11 June
  • 2259 days on the road
  • 23 countries visited
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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
  • 65.000 euro
  • 59.555 euro raised
  • 16.150 euro cycled

Malaysia to Singapore

...and why it does not feel like, (and is not) the end...

...And on a hot, humid morning (what else is new) I travel into Malaysia. The penultimate country before my (so called) finish, in Singapore! But because of the way I structured this trip in the end, Singapore does not feel like the end anymore.


In the words of Winston Churchill (i think.. and loosely quoted): `this is not the end. And it is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of a beginning.`

This has been truly a great and adventurous journey so far. I often compare my trip it with a mini life within my life. I started out as a completely inexperienced cyclist, but I gradually grew in the journey. Pretty much everything went different than I had planned and anticipated before. For a large part, due to a lack of cycling experience it seems, looking back :-) I have had tears in my eyes from happiness on some parts of the adventure. A big, almost unexplainable smile that sometimes appeared on my face. Really: doing 60km an hour down a beautiful road through the Alps or cycling through a completely silent forest in Bosnia, or a nature reserve with strange animals and even stranger people that behaved like they never saw a white guy before, are amongst the most happiest moments that I had on my own in my life. A feeling of freedom I had never before felt in my life.

I have also had tears in my eyes from missing people that I love sometimes. And yet again those same tears were in my eyes when I was just sad, or depressed in general from seemingly always being on a bicycle. Lonely. Not wanting to go on for even a kilometer. Thinking about the first big city where I could take a plane, right back home!

But I feel my real journey is really only starting after this trip. I quit with my banking job at ING. And I did that on purpose. Thereby trying to force myself to jump into the deep water. I hear the economy is quite bad in The Netherlands right now.. Not a good time to come back.

But still I am very excited about my new life even I have no clue if some plans that I have will work. ...If I will be able to pay the bills. In a weird way it feels very exhilarating. I guess you could say that I feel alive now more than ever in the sense that I am in control of mine and that feels like how it should be.

But you can only feel that, if you are not too soft on yourself I guess. It doesn´t happen when you choose security and a steady money inflow over anything else I guess. So fire yourself and do what you always wanted to do! Start that company or begin that journey! The worst that can happen is that your without a job for a while. But how bad is that really? At least you´re an experience richer. One that hopefully taught you something. You only have one life and time is your most precious commodity really.

I guess I am a bit more fearless now than I used to be and I am looking forward to go, and find new opportunities for a purposeful life when I get back to NL.

But there is also another, more tangible reason why Singapore doesn't feel like the end. Simply because from a cycling perspective it isn't... First I am going to visit Manila, The Philipines, to visit the school and the foundation I am cycling for. And than after that I am going to India once more. To Delhi. This time to try and cycle from Delhi to Manali and do the famous "Manali-Leh highway" there. From Leh you can also cycle some 100 kilometers in the direction of China, towards the northeast and do the highest road in the world. That is my goal there. To conquer that one on a bicycle! Grrr.

Afterwards I will go on to the capital of Kashmir: Srinagar. And than I will finish the loop towards Delhi after which I will go back to Amsterdam (by plane this time (!)).

...But as said, first to Malaysia. By boat no less! From the bordertown of Sagat in southeast Thailand you can take a boat to the island of Langkawi, which connects through to the island of Pinang where the pretty city of Georgetown is located. Georgetown is an old colonial town and world heritage according to UNESCO. So in order to see it, I had to take a boat into Malaysia, crossing the border at sea, some 10 kilometers out of Sagat. From Georgetown there is a 13 kilometer bridge into mainland Malaysia.

Leaving Thailand on the back of the boat. My bicycle got at bit of a beating on the boat. Not because of the shaking, but because it was standing outside on the deck and the salty seawater was splashing over it

Arrival on Kalawi and the sunset that evening from my hotel which was located on a pretty beach. Cycling around Kalawi was also really nice. I think it´s the first island I am cycling on, on this trip.

..And the I arrival at Georgetown. Did not expect to see such a skyline with an Unesco world heritage city..

Once in Georgetown I went an afternoon in tourist mode. It´s a really pretty colonial town with a bustling Chinese neighbourhood which was nice to hang out in.

Now, at this point I still wanted to reach Singapore via the east coast of Malaysia, because that is in general just a more quiet stretch of land and also on the westcoast it´s quite busy because you´re going via Kuala Lumpur. And that´s one big city. And big Asian cities are not particularly friendly to the innocent cyclist. But if I would have done that I would have no more resting days at all in 2 weeks. Every day there would be a mandatory 130km. to be done (continuously, for 14 days, that is pretty intense). But if I´d take the westcoast, I could stay in Georgetown for a day. A city that really deserves a bit more time. By taking the westcoast I would be faster and so I would have a bit more time, although it would also be (a lot ) more busy. If I would have been cycling via the quiet, pretty eastcoast I would not have been able to see anything anyway..

I made above decision in Georgetown, on a terrace with 2 dutch tourists and an English guy (who, along with a couple of drinks, helped me a bit with deciding)

Here I leave Georgetown, towards mainland Malaysia on a 13 kilometer bridge.

Above a few pictures from the route Georgetown to "Kuala Kangsar", which was indicated on my map a a cultural heritatge city as well. They had a stunning mosk there too, which I visited when the sun set. It really was quite an amazing view..

Here you can see the mosk rising out of the jungle, but still far away. When I saw it, I got that feeling that you sometimes have on a bicycle when you see something which is clearly huge and impressive, but too far away to really grasp still... And then you get that feeling of excitement and anticipation as you draw closer.

A few pictures of the 1000-and-1-night fairytale sunset near the Kuala Kangsar mosk. You see the sun setting, slowly making the pictures more dark and besides the people that came to the mosk for praying I was the only person there. It felt really special when the big speakers were turned on and I heard the valley in which the city is perched away fill with the sounds of "Allaaaaaaaaaaaahh U akbar"...

Shoes off before you enter...

This is also in Kuala Kangsar: a so called "hawker stall center" where you can eat delicious food, for dirt cheap prices. This particular area is Chinese, where it really feels like a different country alltogether. There are only Chinese people that were all very happy that I came there to try their food. The woman in the picture just caught a fish out of the acquarium, selected by me. Another nice thing about the Chinese, as opposed to the Moslim community is that they drink and sell beer, which is otherwise hard to get by in this very religious city :-). Let´s face it: Chinese food just does not go well with any other drink than beer...

The road south of Kuala Kangsar was going through some nice, jungly area for a while still, before I had to face the big highways around Kuala Lumpur.

When I was cycling through the pristine, quiet jungle, sweating my pants off, I suddenly came across this little food market, right in the middle of the forest. It was really quite odd. I took a strawl and bought a bit of fruit here.

And further into the jungle...

The road takes me through some little, sleepy moslim villages..

And still further through dense jungle.

After 2 days of jungle, I knew the fun was over: via a long, very straight road with no shadow at all I was going into more urban areas now..

I cycled on until late in the evening and at around 21 o clock crashed in a roadside motel. The fat, bored basterd behind the counter didn´t even look up from his television when I arrived. He was gobbling up a plate of chicken and rice when he mumbled a price in my direction: 20 ringit (or so I thought). That´s ok! I remember thinking. But when I saw the room I understood why it was dirt cheap... So small only a bed fitted in it. Damp and hot. No airco. No own toilet or shower. Paperthin walls and a matrass that looked like it was dragged through the streets.. But hey, it´s 9 o clock and you gotta sleep somewhere. So when I returned to the man to tell him I´d take it and gave him a 50 note (about EUR 12,50) he asked for another 20!!

I misunderstood him apparently! The room was actually 70 ringit! He was ripping me off big time. For comparison: the room the night before was only 25 ringit, nice and spacious and had its own bathroom and even a balkony! Since he already had my 50 note I only bargained down to 50. I refused to give him any more and this was already waaaay too much. I could hardly sleep in this little, superhot and overpriced cellblock of his and so the next morning I was pretty grumpy. Than on top of that the only shower was also taken by the fat basterd himself and I had to wait for him, which made me a bit angry. The whole situation just felt wrong. Later that morning I sort of `forgot` to return 2 interesting books that I took the night before from his little library. A bit childish I know, but it felt like justice!

The next day it was that special time again: the time when you can flip the map because you cycled out of it... Really, I always enjoy this because it unfolds new secrets, new map-mysteries that I am about to dive into. I feel a little bit like an explorer when I do it. And today was extra special because the map finally showed.. Singapore!!

The pretty, green scenery is gone for good now, it seems. The mid west coast is now more concrete and tarmac grey.. And I am joined by an ever-present army of motorbikes :-)

At these roadside stalls I always stock up on fruit. And not the fruit like we can buy at the supermarket in the Netherlands, but much juicier and more tasteful. Also a lot of these stalls sell freshly squeezed juices. And pretty much everywhere they have dried fish in some form too (which I never tried).

Some people, like this very enthousiastic man, who's roadside restaurant I visited are very proud that a Western tourist chose their venue! He could speak a little English too and wanted to pose with my bike.

Because even on the westcoast I did not have too much time until I had to be in Singapore, there were still quite a few evening rides ahead. But it's not too bad really: mainly because the temperatures are more bearable than. There were only 2 more non-cycling days ahead: one in the city of Melaka, and one in Singapore itself.

Above picture is made just 10 kilometers before Melaka. I'm having a beer to celebrate a bit already. What I got was really a waste of the drink. They served this bottle of Carlsberg at "Room temperature", which is 30 degrees! Than they supply you with a big, doggy-like bowl of ice to cool it with, leaving your beer watery, tasteless and lukewarm. Yuk! On top of this they even asked me if I wanted a straw with it!! WHAT!!???

The laidback city of Melaka, with its pretty little streets where I took a day of rest to do some sightseeing. in this city there was a myriad of incredibly decorated tricycles that went through the city, transporting tourists with loud noise. Each of them had an impressive sound system on board...

Strong Chinese influences..

And colonial Dutch influences too: this city hall was made by the Dutch, as well as the Church.

Remains of the fort with a VOC logo in the walls. This fort was first built by the Portugese (well... Actually they had the indigenous people here built it FOR them. You´re not gonna get yourself tired in this climete are you?! Have those guys construct it! They´re much more used to the temperature than we are anyway..). Later, it was partly destroyed and rebuild by the Dutch. Than the English sailed by and saw the pretty looking fort. But it was not theirs. So they destroyed it almost completely. This is all that´s left.

Poor Malaysians... Seeing stuff like this really reminds you of what Western Europe did here in this region just a few 100 years ago. And of course not only in Malaysia. It is quite incredible and brutal really: you come to a land you´ve never been to before with an indigenous population that warmly welcomes you. you shoot a couple that are giving you trouble just to show whose boss. You hand out some European deseases here and there. And you let them know that their religion is sooooo last year. They really need to start believing in what you believe too. Than you have them build a couple of churches for you. A fort maybe. And finally you begin to rule their land like it´s the most normal thing in the world. And you keep them as colonies until well in the 19th and sometimes 20st century... Who was it again that called this the `VOC mentality`?

Epitaphs with old Dutch inscriptures. Interesting to see that most people here seem to have died really young. Oldest (dutch) person I saw got into its early 40´s.. (!).

This is taken just after Melaka, on my way to Singapore. I am leaving the coastal road here.

Hot and nowhere to hide... Check the shadow which is right under my bike. The sun is straight above my head. .

Arrival in Johor Bahru. The last city before Singapore, in the southernmost point of Malaysia. Tomorrow I will cross the border for enttrying the second last unique country of this cycle trip.

I woke up early in the hyper modern city of Johor Bahru. I was excited. I mean: eventhough Singapore is not really the end. It´s still a bit of a `thing` to arrive there. They call the north part of Singapore `Woodlands`. Basically it´s a big park intersected bya couple of highways leading into the city area.

The amount of motorbikes wanting to get into Singapore (Woodlands) was literally unbelievable. I have honestly never seen so many motorbikes together in one place. All with a running engine too. You can not see it very clearly in this picture, but the row goes all the way to the building in the far, where customs are located.. Luckily I was here on my non-polluting bicycle to compensate a bit for the greenhouse gasses of them combined :-)

I took a couple of these pictures, but pretty soon a security guard came up to me, wanting me to erase all the pics, because it´s a border area of course. And who knows I might be spying for the Malaysian government. But he missed this picture, HA!

I almost forgot what it looks like but they have cycling paths in Singapore. Really! And parks to cycle through! I am impressed...

...And of course you see these double decker roads a lot in a big modern metropole like Singapore... They´re rather fun with a bicycle.

Of course the obligatory Singapore portrait picture... (jeeeh)

What follows is a little impression of Singapore, which I thought was a very beautiful city. And squeeky clean too! Not a single piece of trash to be seen on the streets (there's actually a fine for littering the streets). I cycled to the Chinese neighbourhood (picture with the red lantarns) where I slept in a little hostel with a very friendly lady that I gave one of the truly great books that I nicked from the fat rip off guy in Malaysia as a present (Tuesdays with Morrie.. Read that! It's great. Allthough I am pretty sure the main charater in this book (Morrie) would not have agreed with me stealing a book). I had only one day in this city before my flight for Manila left but that was ok. I am looking forward to go to The Philipines and actually see the school and the kids there!

On my way to the Airport...

Next update in The Philipines!! Cheers, Bart.


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