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Bangkok (Thailand) to Malaysia

...And why I begin to find out there's more to life than cycling...

Foodwise Thailand might have been the best country I´ve cycled in yet. I mean: Italy´s kitchen is delicious of course, but only from a `going out for dinner´ perspective. From a cyclist perspective however, Thailand is better. Much better!

Even the smallest joints on the streets rustle up some great food. And such joints are.. everywhere! Spicy papaya salad with salted crabs, coconut crusted squid, Giant prawns with ´pad thai´, fresh salt crusted fish from the barbeque, steamed crabs... You see stalls on every street corner. In big cities. In rural areas. Just about everywhere you can eat. And everything that lives in the sea  it seems, is barbequed, or steamed or well.. just eaten. Yum.



...And after... These kind of things I ate all time at bargain prices. Excellent cycling fuel.

Bangkok itself is a fantastic city where anything goes. I stayed almost  a week longer than I was supposed to (according to my own cycling schedule, which mandated to leave after a week to make Singapore in a somewhat easy going pace), but it was totally worth it! The first day I was on the hunt for some suits. Cheap suits of course (why else buy it there). But good ones. I felt overwhelmed by the city when I stepped out of my hostel the morning after I arrived. Not in the least by the temperature. Because from that perspective Thailand was horrific. I have been in the tropics before but the heat here was just not human! It felt a bit like you were stuck in a giant, humid microwave, running at full power and full of cars, with an exhaust gas athmosphere. When you were walking from an aircon environment to outside it was enough to give you a mild heart attack. Later I heard on the BBC that the weather in Bangkok was indeed a bit abnormal, even for Thai standards. Measured temperatures of well over 40, close to 45...

Anyway: I got some good advice for good quality suits and where to get them from some men I met. They actually turned out not to be much cheaper than those in Amsterdam, but these ones were tailor made and quite good quality so I guess that was worth it. The shop took quite a while to produce the goods though so I had to stay in Bangkok for a week.

This very friendly woman sold me the suits which are finished and packaged in the bags in front of her. She has a huge smile on her face since I remembered that I should have bargained over the price only after we already closed the deal. I am much too much of a niceguy for Thailand style haggling.

It was quite hard to leave the hostel, to be honest. Not in the least because of all the tourist there. And secretly, when I was there, I wanted to be a ´normal´ tourist too... They were all talking about their next temple, their next city or country where they would be going to. The next island; the next adventure... And every time they talked about this, all I could think of was how I would survive alone on my bicycle and how I am not able to travel like they do. You know: without any worries, just taking a train and travel through South East Asia. Photo camera ready. And actually visiting the tourist sites. That´s something that I find oddly enough one of the most difficult aspects of cycling. I thought it was a great way to see the world and its treasures. But sometimes it seems like it turns out to be more of a great way to see the world´s roads. Not its touristic attractions. More often than not you can´t see them anyway cause you´re cycling. And the only way you could see them would be to take a resting day, but if you do that you wouldn´t peddle on single kilometer. I found I got a little envious almost...  A ``They can and I can´t`` kind of feeling. I do guess Thailand is a bit special since a visit to the country is almost not complete without a visit to one of it´s (millions of..) islands too. And that is something which is often too cumbersome with a bike..

I know this might sound strange because cycling around the world seems like the ultimate freedom. But I often find that´s only partly true. Sometimes the bike is your personal prison a little bit as well.

Anyway, that feeling only lasted until I left the hostel because than it was me and Mr bicycle once again!

Some tourist sites in Bangkok. A city full of temples. The Buddha on the last pictures was some 30 or 40 meters long so I had to take his head and feet apart.

These were meditating monks, sitting in a shop window. It scared the hell out of us at first, but we found out they were not real, but made of wax, although looking very realistic...

Seen in the metro..

I left Bangkok at 5 in the morning. It was already hot and humid on the streets and sweat was running down my back in under a minute after leaving the blissfully airconditioned hostel. In big cities the heat is soaked up by all the concrete and the tarmac and that still gives off considerable heat during the night. And all the high structures and buildings make for a more sheltered area in which heat can not escape easily.

Leaving Bangkok with sunrise and some Red Hot Chilli Peppers in your ears can make a man truly happy. Regardless of the temperature.

The night before I got into bed at 2 because I had to say `goodbye´ to a couple of people and that took a while. Although the morning started out nicely, this turned out to be one of the toughest days of the trip. Not only from a physical point of view, because it was so hot that at a certain point I just had to find cover for the sun that felt like it was litterally giving me a trashing. But also from a mental point of view. I left Bangkok and the whole traveller´s scene and I was confronted with being alone again. And that felt crap right at that moment.

As it goes with cycling out (or in) of big metropoles, pretty soon I found myself on 5, 6, 7 and later even 8 lane highways. And more lanes were joining still. Trucks and cars were roaring past. The thing with Bangkok is that the cars are much more modern than they used to be in Nepal and India and that means they drive much faster as well. The cycling didn´t exaclty make for some great scenery in the first part of this day and this, combined with the polluted air and a shortage of sleep made me a bit grumpy.

More lanes are joining me.

Emergency lane cycling is depressing

And to see signs like this reminds you that you are just not meant to be here!

After about 70km. there was sort of a bypass that lead me a little more past the coastal areas but at that time the temperature (and the sun too) was so high that cycling became almost impossible. I looked like I came out of under a shower. The coastal area was interesting though. Not beach, but salt marine flats as far as the eye can see. And everywhere the salty tang of dried fish, squid and shrimps in the air. Nets are put up allongside the road everywhere, to dry the catch of the day. And that is than used for fishsauce or something like that.

Right after the highway, when I could take a road more close to the coast it got very quiet suddenly

And the scenery got a little nicer here too

The people here let seawater in the plains evaporate and are than left with salt which is scooped up into big pyramid shaped piles. .

Than they carry this to trucks. Hard work in this heat. Really hard.

The odd temple here and there..

Whenever I can, I try to take backroads.

Sometimes I just got off my bike and jumped into  a 7-11 (big Asian Supermarkt chain) to buy something small, but actually to savour the air conditioning a little bit... That night I parked my bike near a beach, 170km south of Bangkok. Quite a big cycling day still, because of the early time of departure. Next day I slept almost through the day there, because this first cycling day left me exhausted.

After a day like that,it feels so good to stop at a place like this..

I am not sure if you are familiar with the geography of Thailand, but the middle part is a thin strip of land with only one way. And that´s a highway. For the next few days I stayed on this highway. Emergency lane cycling I call it. It´s mostly boring and the surroundings are ugly.
Luckily the temperature dropped significantly once I was out of Bangkok because of the rain (pure bliss!).

Here you can see that one highway, leading down to the south for a couple hundred kilometers, towards Malaysia.

Leaving really early from the beach can really pay off. The temperature is still ok. And the sky can be just breathtakingly gorgious.

The rain comes in during the afternoon as a blessing.

And going south, the scenerey becomes greener too.

This is that highway. Slippery when wet...

After 2 days of cycling I arrive at the  pretty town of Prachuap Khiri Khan with a really cool seafood night market. That market got my name written all over it. Loved it!

View from my balkony. It was so pretty in fact, that I took a resting day here in this little city.

These fligh of stairs led up to a temple on a mountain, looking out over the city. It was so full of monkeys however, that I was actually a bit afraid to take it up. Some of these super charged animals grabbed and pulled at my bag, trying to find out if there was anything edible in it. I only dared to climb up with an apparently more experienced Thai family that was less of a sissy. Like me.

View once at the top. Quite pretty!

From west to east, Thailand is really small here. This means that this monkey can see the hills of nearby Birma and contemplate emigration.

Food, food, food and more food at the Prachuap night market. And after you can have your feet massaged.

After leaving the pretty little town of Prachuap I can see the environment chance drastically. It gets really, really green now. And the cycling gets more interesting consequently. I go across Thailand to the west border and this is one of the most uninhabited parts of the country. That meant lots and lots of empty  stretches of road and animal (mostly bird) sounds. And the constant humming of an ever present army of crickets..

When I was cycling on one of these deserted roads I came across a cycling couple from the Netherlands, going the opposite way. They were about mid 50 I'd say. They gave up their jobs, sold their house, and were now travelling around the world.

I am sure many of you, reading this, think: `wow, I wish I could do that!`.

Me, I don't think I will ever do that. Ok, you can travel until you drop dead. But I think there is more to life than that. Much more. The funny thing is that they were complaining about their life on the bike for more than three quarters of our conversation! `There and there it was sooooooo hot. And that road was sooooo steep. And that environment was sooooooooo boring`. (yeay, I know, a bit like me here on this blog, bitching about biking all the time :-). And then after a while I asked them if it was all worth it? And they thought long and hard about this, it seemed, because they answered only after a good 10 seconds. And then came the mumbling and not very credible "yeay, we guess so".

Not that I am an enlightened person now, but everything that you do too much of in your life is not good. And so it goes for cycling. I think that if you are not able to make your "normal" life in The Netherlands interesting, exciting and worthwhile, it won't suddenly become interesting when you sell everything and you go cycling around the world. Well, maybe only in the first few months because it is all new. But after a while you will realise that cycling also becomes routine and seeing new stuff becomes in a funny way a bit tiring. What you escaped your homebase for, haunts you and will finally take you on your bike. iI guess happiness is really only first found in yourself. Ultimately not in in cycling around the world or anything else for that matter. Maybe this is one of the most powerful lessons I have learned on this trip.

Anyway: I could and would never do what this couple is doing and I am happy I will go back to NL this summer. But then again: luckily not everyone is like me of course.

By the way: I am not saying that this couple was unhappy necessarily. I am just saying that if you ever have that feeling. ...that you´re not living life to the full... that you wanna do something radical like cycling an incredible distance. Seeing new countries. Than do it by all means! But it´s not the missing link. It will ultimately not fill an emptiness you might be experiencing. It will just be a dream that you fulfilled. And that is indeed great. And yes: that does feel amazing and it does make you happy I can say from experience!

But I believe true, lasting happiness and a meaningful life only really come from creating a purpose and a meaning in your life, and serving others and your community. And one can do that also by staying right where you are in your chair reading this! No need to buy a bicycle at all.

Green, greener, greenest...

Also here quite a bit of accidents with trucks that are rushing through sharp curves.

Near the waterfall I cycled together with some mountainbikers for a bit. They really liked my bike and asked a million questions about it.

A little less than a week of cycling from Prachuap, I get to the bordertown of Rhanong where a lot of tourists make a short trip to nearby Birma and back, to get their Thai stamps renewed in their passport.

And then it's back to the deserted roads...

Arrival in Krabi, South Thailand..

I thought this little girl with her pink guitar was pretty cool :-)

This is the land of the beautiful limestone karst formations that made my (still) geologic heart beat a bit faster.

I arrived on Hat Yao beach, just north of the border with Malaysia. This was I think as close to heaven as I ever got... A beautiful beach with some really impressive rock formations plus awe inspiring sunsets.. It was hard to pick from the millions of pictures I took of the sun going down the horizon here. The evening I arrived here was truly magic. That day was a really long cycling day. In fact the longest one so far with 178 kilometers. Jumping into the sea than is GREAT!

This is the place I stayed at, on Hat Yao.

My sandals really begin to show now...

And finally some magnificent sunset pictures before I leave to Malaysia tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am off to Malaysia!


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