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North India and Nepal: Into the Himalaya

Jabalpur to Kathmandu, Nepal

Quite close after Jabalpur (which I was glad to leave) I hit the small village of Tala. Nothing special if it not were for the big nature reserve that sits right next to the village.

“If it's tigers you want to see, than Bandavghar tiger reserve is the park to go to”, it says in my travel guide. It spoke of an almost guaranteed tiger sighting even! Cool. I, having never been on a safari before, and I would love to see some live tiger action (although they´re most probably sleeping when you get to see them) so I installed myself into the quite expensive, and quite posh “Tiger Trails” resort. Managed to get a little bit off the extremely high price, which was then.. well, a little less extremely high. And when you wanna see a big cat you gotta pay for it. I thought. And I was very right as it turned out. Next day we went into the Park first thing early morning at around 5.30. The ride was nice enough and we saw some different kind of deers, bisons, and even a sloth bear, but no tigers. At a quarter past 10 the park closed for the morning session and that was that than... EUR 60,- spent (which in India is a small fortune). No tigers.


On the road just outside of Jabalpur a dog is munching on the windpipe (I think) of a cow that is not feeling very well, or so it seems...

Land of tigers... Yeah right...

The row of jeeps waiting to get into the park for the what was my first early morning safari

Entering the park, which was quite beautiful, also ifthere wouldn´t have been animals to begin with.

A small summary of some animals on the first run. This is the best picture I have of the sloth bear. Which is a shame, but with a tiny digi cam this is the best I could do... Still it was cool to see it though.

I did want to see the damn animals though, so I went to the much cheaper Jungle Inn in the centre of Tala and that's where I met the English couple Beverly and David. David was a semi profi photographer and he had a huge camera and the couple turned out to be kind of the tiger experts of Tala, although they too had never actually seen them there alive (they'd seen a lot in other parks though and were now affected by the tiger virus).

The pro at work...

Also the entrance to the park that me, but also them were using happened not be be a good one. Not much sightings at all there. As opposed to the other entrance, where a tiger was hiding behind every tree and you'd have to be blind, deaf and stupid not see one there.. Or so we heard... The problem is how to get in there however, because that one was fully booked up online, 20 days in advance. I would have left it there. Move on, that's life. But David did not. He asked me if I wanted to join him to the main office of the park. Sure. Turned out, David was angry. When we came there the Indian guys in the office didn't seem like they wanted to help us very much. Uninterested and hardly listening to Davids tirade they were sitting there, basically waiting for David and me to bug off out of their office. We weren't part of the 5 star resorts where rich foreigners come and go to the premium gate for 5, sometimes 10 consecutive times. “This will not stand!”, David said. What followed was a truly impressive display of David's communication and persuasion skills. He made a scene there at the office like he was denied his right to breathe, kicked the doors, and just began his own little “occupy” right there ON the desk in the main office. After 10 minutes he had the managing director of the whole park on the line and surely enough, another 10 minutes later, him, Beverly and me were sitting in a jeep that brought us right to the “good” entrance, which was also 150% more expensive, but hey, if you wanna see big cats you gotta pay a little. The 150% extra was made up a little by a 4th Israeli tourist that wanted to come ino our jeep. I forgot his name because all I can remember about him was his INCREDIBLE annoying behaviour. I (and David and Beverly for sure as well) wish we hadn´t taken him later. The looks of the Israeli guy should have told us something already. Long pants, a safari jacket like he´s Indiana Jones himself, a hat with those flaps on the back to prevent you from sunburn but which make you sweat profusely and look stupid. It was like having our own private waterfall in the jeep. And he was ugly as the night. I have nothing against ugly people. But when they are irritable as well the uglyness somehow becomes something to get angry at almost. Immediately when he heard of David´s ´victory´ over the Indian park-burocracy he came to us and our driver and was really rude to him. “You must be able to take a 4th person! Come one, be flexible... Bla bla bla.”. Whereas we had just broken a couple of legs and arms to get into this jeep in the first place! Reading situations was not his strongest point. Once in the park, at every stupid animal he wanted the driver to make a stop. Also when we had seen that animal for 5 times already. At a certain point I thought he was gonna make the jeep stop because of an ant he saw on the side of the road. The guy made one trillion pictures of a deer (which took a long time). But was at the same time complaining NONSTOP that we hadn't seen a tiger yet. And constantly he was nagging at the driver: “Is this a deer safari!? Or a tiger safari??? I wanna know, because I didn't pay for deers. I wanna see a tiger, come on! Work hard and search for one! Can we leave the jeep? Can we search for them ourselves?”.... etc. etc. etc. And then: “OH there's a deer! STOP!”. And the next 5 minutes he was clicking away, (eating into our tiger-finding-time of course). Stupid putz.

Can you see what he´s photographing? No? Me neither. It´s because there was nothing. But Mr annoying didn´t wanna miss anything so just to be sure it´s better to click away at pretty much everything and anything when it moves. Even when it is just a tree, slowly rocking in the breeze.

A few more pictures of the Bandavgarh park and a woman with a SERIOUS camera. David can only watch admiringly. When she is not making pictures of animals she scopes out the milkyway with this lense..

Anyway.. After a third safari (again no tigers.. Grrrrr! Or rather `no grrrr`) I´d had it with national parks for a while and I left the village of Tala. A village where I also met the wonderful Miss Neelam. She runs a little souvenir shop and treated me like the lost son from the bible. Every morning she made me delicious breakfasts with oatmeal and fruits, eggs, pancakes... Meaning when I left Tala I was completely recovered from my stomach problems that I had had since Jabalpur...

Me and miss Neelam.

In some guesthouses you can trade your finished book for another book. I did that, just to find out that at page 392, about 40 pages had been eaten away (???!!!). What kind of creature does something like this? It took me until Nepal to find this book and buy it because I just HAD to know how it finished.

The big city of Jabalpur by the way was not much to write about. Not even because of the congested, filthy, stinky streets and the loud horns everywhere, anywhere and anytime, but all the more because almost immediately when I arrived I got a bad, bad case of diarrhea (I suspect a vegetarian Ceasar salad to be the source; its dressing had bad news written all over it..). Everything I ate after that raced through my intestins like Nicky Lauda and knocked on the backdoor in a matter of hours or sometimes what seemed to be minutes. I felt pretty weak and so I had to stay in the city for a couple days to recover.

The landscape from Tala to Varanasi. Still I get invited often for a cup of tea (after which I will inevitably be asked to stay over for dinner and the night as well. And then breakfast. And if they had their way, I would be welcomed as a family member and I could stay for as long as I wanted too) After 2 days of 165 and 170km (the latter the longest day so far) I was not far from Varanasi anymore. I arrived in the city 3 days after Tala and it was a hefty experience. Forget Mumbai. Forget all the other big Indian cities I have been cycling through. Varanasi is by far the busiest one so far! Or at least the most congested one. It´s a combination of relatively small streets and a lot of 3 wheeled cycle rikshaws which go very slow and are very wide. A combination which leads to an extremely sloggish clogged up traffic movement. Nobody can pass the cycle rikshaws anyway, cause they´re too wide so you´re kind of forced to stay behind them (of course everyone does TRY to get passed them making congestion of epic-like proportions).

Yeah, try cycling through this shit!

This was very early in the morning, so it wasn´t busy yet. But you don´t need much fantasy to imagine that when these really tiny alley-like streets fill up, it´s a bitch to cycle through!

I wanted to take a couple days in this most fascinating and strangest city of India because there´s lot to be seen. First of all the human body cremations. An body covered in a white sheet can be seen through a bunch of wooden logs at the banks of the Ganges. A couple tourists are gazing open mouthed to what is about to happen. The family and close ones stand around the body which is buried under a pile of wood and then a man lights fire to the pile. The white sheet covering the body is burned up in a matter of minutes leaving the actual body exposed for the world to see. An arm and a leg are sticking out of the branches. I can see the face. Flames are licking at the toes of the right leg. Some tourists walk away. A cow empties his blatter with steamy, splattering urine just a meter away, which threatens the cremation to come to a premature end. Behind the body/wood pile I can see a dog chewing on a charred hand that used to be a functioning part of a living body, just 24 hours ago.

Here you can see the enormous piles of wood that are used for cremation at one of the so called `burning ghats`.

Cremations continue 24/7. Here you see one at night. Pictures are understandably forbidden to be made at the ghats, so we´ll have to make do with distance pics.

I walk further. The sides of the Ganges, the holy river running right through Varanasi, are devided in sections. `Ghats` they are called. 2 Of these ghats are for cremations. Others are for washing clothes, taking a bath, worshipping... When you think taking a bath is not such a good idea in the water where the remains of corpses are floating around as well, you'd be right. But never mind the human body parts and the chemicals, it's the level of heavy metals dumped in the river by factories upstream that are the real cause for concern. Hindu's believe the Ganga water can absolve sin. Whether it can still do this if sterilised is subject to debate among the faithful. Current thinking has it that boiling is acceptable but chemical treatment ruins it.... My personal conviction is that it´s better to leave the water be as it is. Let the poor fish in the Indian Ocean deal with it, rather than my stomach. Anyway. I was shocked to see a boy, tired from his game of cricket that he was playing along the banks of the Ganga, taking a few handfulls of the water and drink it! Brr. Must be pretty unhealthy I'd say. But he walked away. Alive. And he happily continued playing cricket. Indians must have stomachs made out of kryptonite.


And freshly washed to work...

Art students drawing Varanasi scenes at night.

Early morning boat ride over the Ganges...

To see the sunrise. This was an amazing scene really.

A few pictures from the water of the different Varanasi ghats. Not very crowded because of early morning hour.

Very small alleys. A sensation to walk through. (not so much to cycle through)

In the guesthouse I was staying at, I met Andreas and Anita. An Austrian couple doing a cycle ride that made mine look like a ride around the park. They were going to pedal the 29,000th kilometer in a few days already and had been underway for almost 2 years. Andreas´ front break didn´t work anymore because the wire in which the hydraulic oil is dispensed was broke. This meant he could only break with his rear wheel and thus he could not go through the mountains anymore. Too dangerous. Luckily I had the same breaks and I gave him some spare parts that I brought, including some new oil with which he could fix his break. It was nice to put my spare parts to use finally! Though not for my own bike. But maybe that made it even nicer. Maddy is coming to Kathmandu anyway in a month and I can get her to take a bit of new stuff.

Me and Andi repairing his bike

The day before I left Varanasi I was walking alongside the river in the afternoon when I overheard a guy almost screaming into a telephone. `I WANT MY MONEY BACK! No!! You were not honest and you didn´t deliver the services!`. I looked his way. It was the Israeli guy from the national park! Hahah, back then he was also muttering about money, money and money.. I tapped him on his back and friendly said `Hi, you mad??` He began blushing like he had been caught. He was sweating like an otter again. With a ridiculous army hat on his puffy face. I truly felt sorry for him, spending all his vacation just muttering about everything and anything. And always feeling like you're getting fucked over. A part of me felt sorry for him. After the brake repair Andi and Anita and me became friends and we hung around a little bit in Varanasi after which I left the place because I wanted to leave for Nepal! I was looking forward to leave the steamy hot, grass plains of India and do some serious mountain work. The next day I was on the road. It was noon and I was in a lunch shop just browsing through my Indian Lonely planet. For the last time almost..! Or so I thought. I was looking dreamily at the section which is about the second highest and highest road in the world, reaching a staggering altitude of 5,606 meter! Both lying in the western Himalaya, in Kashmir, northwestern India. A road that I wanted to climb so badly! But not possible. Because I was going for Vietnam and Cambodja, to bike my way through into Singapore right? “Or...” And then it hit me. Singapore doesn´t need to be the end! I can cycle on after the finish! There are no rules here. I was so enthusiastic that I spilled a glass of coke over the table when I reached for my passport. My Indian visum was valid until the 15th of july. I calculated quickly. That would give me enough time to go from Bangkok to Singapore (skip Vietnam and Cambodja), then visit the school in Manila and subsequently go to Delhi to conquer this road after all! 2,000 kilometers through the most awesome, quite literally breathtaking scenery this planet has to offer! Only thing I need to do is dump Vietnam and Cambodia and trade them for North East India. Decission took me about minus 1 second to make. I was going to cycle the highest road in the world!!!! It looked like all the stars were positioned right. You can only cycle this road in the summer. CHECK! You need a really good condition. I´ve done about 9 months of solid up and down cycling by then so CHECK! You need an Indian visum CHECK. You need some free time and good equipment, CHECK, DOUBLE CHECK! That day I finished up with an average of almost 30km an hour, simply because I was so excited about doing this. Next day in Gorakhpur, just south of the Nepali border I took an extra resting day, or rather a booking day to do research and book all the necessary flights. This also meant that now I could book my flight home. Mid july, just after my Indian visum won´t be valid anymore I´ll touch down on Dutch territory. (The Amsterdam fish shops better stock up on extra herring by then!!! Hopefully they read this.)

North of Varanasi there´s a 30meter buddha statue.

A few pictures of the route north of Varanasi. Note the garbage at the sides of the road... Add the quite uninspiring grass plains and you can see that I was anxious to get into Nepal.

After my booking day I had so much energy, I just flew along the road. And then I saw 2 cyclists. At first I really didn't know who they were but when I came alongside the girl that was cycling in the back I was dumbstruck.. It was Anita!!

Anita and Andi from the rear.

From that day onwards we kind of cycled together. I was a little faster than they were so in the afternoon we planned for a certain town and then met up on the townsquare later in the day. In the end I have been cycling with them for about 2 weeks, sometimes a day in front, but always we catch up with each other. I really began to like them! With the brake that was fixed with my spare parts they could also go into Nepal and up into the mountains! On their website they had a slogan which was `kommt zeit kommt rad`, a nice mash-up of `kommt zeit kommt rat`. Now it reads `Kommt zeit kommt Bart`. I am truly proud!

The border crossing we took between India and Nepal is in Sonauli. A dusty, border town where people criss cross each other like ants and where you can arrange your various stamps and visa stickers to leave India and enter Nepal quite easily. After about an hour I was ready to cross the line. That keeps being an exciting feeling. Crossing a border has something magical. The energy changes. This change was never so pronounced as it was on the India Nepal border. People are suddenly more quiet, less obtrusive, no more motorbikes that swarm around you like bees around a honey pot and a bit less traffic. And the best thing is that the cars and trucks don´t use their damned horn so much. Really, that was really beginning to freak me out. I loved it.

On to the border!


The blue sign reads: `Indian border ends` 2,5 enormously fascinating months of cycling through India come to an end.

The road that we took into Nepal is called the `Siddharta Highway`. It is regarded as one of the finest and most scenic motorcycle journeys in Nepal. The term highway is a little misleading though, because there is not much traffic here at all. It is a beautiful road that winds its way up slowly into the foot mountains of the Himalaya. Not very steep, but gradually ascending rather. In Holland we would say `Goed te doen` which means as much as `not too bad`. You should be able to see some spectacular Himalayan views on this road but because it was quite hazy and dusty I haven´t seen any snowy peaks unfortunately. I didn´t mind too much though, because I know I will get my mountain portion this summer in the western Himalaya...

This picture, although seemingly not so special, for me was very special. It´s my first encounter ever with the Himalaya (well, the foothills that you can see vaguely in the background...). They come up out of nothing, very suddenly and before you know it you´re cycling in the mountains.

Start of the Siddharta Highway.

Some pictures along the highway leading up to a beautiful, quiet, small village south of Pokhara: Tansen.

A rather ´erotic´ woodcarving on one of the roofstruts of a temple in the village.

Some of the local people in Tansen

Dinner somewhere in Tansen

The first big city after Tansen was Pokhara where I took a room with a view over the lake. I stayed here a couple days along with Anita and Andi.

The road leading up to Pokhara

Morning kayak ride on the big lake bordering Pokhara.

on a morning cycle round into the mountains north of Pokhara I came across some of the most terribly spoiled waters I´ve seen so far. What a waste in this otherwise breathtaking environment..

Seriously damn steep!!!! Barely do-able without luggage. But do-able.

After a few resting days in Pokhara I left my Austrian friends as I was off to Kathmandu on the most crowded highway of the country, which still wasn´t too bad actually. Only the last 25km to Kathmandu that go really steeply uphill were pretty tough. Not so much because of the physical excersice, but all the more because of the old trucks which engines have to do their utmost best to climb the hill, and the spew thick black clouds of smoke out of their exhaust pipes while doing that... Yuk!

This was a reminder that I have to look out on this road...

The road Pokhara to Kathmandu

This picture is made after the last final climb. In the background you can just make out the city of Kathmandu! It felt exhilarating to have reached it!

The first houses...

And I thought I was heavily packed...! Puts things in perspective...

Arrival at the house of Keshab. He told his whole street that I was coming and everyone wanted to hang flowers on my neck, and scarfs. Very sweet an I felt honored by it.

This might have been the best beer I have ever tasted in my life. Thanks Keshab!


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